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What steps do you take when you find yourself needing to switch gears? James Donnelly, the CEO of Castle Group, started his career at Arthur Anderson as a CPA. Despite the prestige and success he found in that job, he was interested in something more. James took the entrepreneurial leap into the world of real estate tax shelters, and has never looked back since. He shares his experiences with ENTREPRENEURradio.

When James first dove into the world of entrepreneurship, he entered his chosen industry close to a time of crisis. He had to learn how to think like an entrepreneur and prepare himself for failure early on, which was something he had never had to do. As an accountant, James said he “didn’t have any contemplation of failure at any point” and that he needed to pivot that mindset in order to achieve success with Castle Group.

James Donnelly learned early in his entrepreneurial journey that he needed to prepare himself for the possibilities of failures and develop strategies for partnerships and relationships that could help him bring his business to success.

For more on James’ story, listen to his interview now.

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